The Collection


From LOL Cats to High Art, The ISFF promises to bring you the best in incredibly short format films.

The collection is continually updated to ensure that it reflects both contemporary memes as well as the continually expanding offering by artists from around the world.

As well as random magic from mother internet, super-star animators and artists all contributing work to make this a very special screening. The work is presented in 5 distinct acts that take the viewer on a journey through pop culture, design, animation, abstraction and yes, cats. Each act works to expose the heart of the work by showing it in repetition to the rhythm of music.

The ISFF also seeks contributions from young animators and artists, especially from the cities it visits. Please email us here.

Andy Ellison : Boston Medical School

Special thanks to:

Cyriak (UK)
Nathanael Scott (Aus)
Neil Sanders (Aus)
Network Awesome  (US)
Max Capacity (US)
David Pope (aka Dvdp) (US)
rrrrrrrroll (japan)
loop de loop (various)
Paulo Cerik (aka Pattack)
PRGuitarman (Nyan Cat)
Pictoplasma (US)
Schönheitsfarm (Dusseldorf)